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"Hope sees the invisible,
Feels the intangible,
achieves the impossible"

The greatest heroes of life are not those who achieve success and supremacy in their life, but, are those who are sensitive and serve in a selfless and faithful manner.

My vision started with a sincere commitment and a distinct dream which even today motivates me in the impulse to accomplish it. As a step to fulfilling this dream, Beacon IAS was conceptualised and today it can be described as the epitome of hope in an era where a variety of forces lure and confuse young minds.

For one who is at the threshold of facing startling tribulations and trudging the journey of life - falling, getting up and again mustering strength to live the very next moment, makes this, perhaps, the most crucial phase and every mark we leave, every impression we make plays a decisive role in moulding the personality thereafter. To sustain this, a well designed and coherent study plan with expert faculty was brought to provide emotional and instructional support to the aspirants here. Beacon IAS aims to develop confident citizens and further administrators who are equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes to collaborate, live and work creatively and solve problems, particularly in a digitally inter connected world.

BEACON IAS is such a place where learning, growing and achieving has become a natural phenomenon of student’s strides. Through a responsive and opportunistic use of latest technologies, we create a positive environment that supports student’s analytical ability, catalyzes his\her individual performance and lubricates their path to success. Over here, high energy, top faculties and enthusiasm permeate the atmosphere through which we develop individual talents, their creativity and further strive to nurture them in the aspirants.

It is a matter of pride for everyone associated with BEACON IAS that we have evolved and successfully implemented a system which caters for the aspiration and success of our students. BEACON IAS will not be complacent with its achievement but shall strive harder to improve and sustain its level of efficiency. There are challenges ahead of us but together we can truly make a great difference. Keeping this in mind, BEACON IAS family continues to remain committed to achieve both its vision and mission and I am certain that with the blessings of the Almighty and the support of the parents and students along with the staff, our institute will reach greater heights in the years to come.

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